First Fiction Friday

On Fiction Fridays I will post book reviews, musings on writing, short stories, and any other celebrations of one of my favorite things–fiction.  This will serve as both a motivation for me to make time to pursue reading and writing and also an outlet for something in my life that isn’t being a mom.  The posts will skew towards the science fiction and fantasy genres because I love them, but I will attempt to include romance, mystery, comedy, and anything else that takes my fancy.

For my first Fiction Friday post I had wanted to write a review of The Night Ocean by Paul La Farge.  It’s a novel that concerns H.P. Lovecraft whose work my husband adores. But I had never read an Lovecraft, so I decided to read the short story “The Night Ocean”.  The beautifully written, but dense prose took me longer than I had expected to get through, and so Friday has finished, but I have not finished The Night Ocean.  I will endeavor to produce a review next week.

I will say that the process of reading these two well-written works has been extremely rewarding.  Previous to them, my most recent readings had been accounting textbooks and modern urban, supernatural, and YA fantasy fluff offered for a monthly fee on Kindle Unlimited.  I had forgotten how engaging and inspiring artfully arranged words can be.  A properly placed word can convey more meaning than the dictionary can give.  I’ve loved the written word since I was a little girl and discovered the worlds that other people had made in their minds then transcribed on paper to be given life in mine.  I lose that sometimes in the cacophony of modern life–the conversations with my husband, the cries for attention from my daughter, and the blinding buzzing of electronic devices.  Finding it again restores another piece of me that was being slowly buried under the weight of worries and stress.  Fiction does that; it takes us outside of ourselves, so that when we return we can see our lives from a new perspective.  To sum up, as my favorite childhood show would say, “take a look, it’s in a book.”